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Ravi Enterprises, established in the year 1980 is a reputed supplier of Rubber Industry with focus on Tyre Industry specializing in Anti-tack Cement and water based inner & outer lubes for tyres etc. for rubber and tyre industries. Our Company is involved in manufacturing activities like inorganic and organic Dyes, Chemicals, Pigments and Speciality Solutions.

Our Product Range Includes:

Clear and special anti tack solutions for mixing process.
Drum sticks Dry adhesive for tyre building.
Solvent and water based marking Inks, for raw and finished permanent products.
Marking crayons.
Special butyl based marking inks.
Water based green tyre lubricants for inner and outer application.
Iron power for electrodes clutches plates & sintered auto components.
Chemical & pigment dyes for textile industry carpets paint Industry.